An integrated and flexible cycle:
from design to shipment

Thanks to integrated design systems, 3D models and FEM analysis, Gruppo Aturia offers products in line with the state of the art.
The product cycle starts at the design stage where, thanks to our many years of experience and a database with over a thousand hydraulics, Gruppo Aturia is able to develop pumps for special fluids, with power values that reach 1000 kW, pressure values up to 150 bar and temperatures up to 500°C.

Gruppo Aturia is divided into three specialised Units:
_ Gessate (Milan) Manufacturing of pumps with mechanical or soft packing seal
_ Taglio di Po (Rovigo) Production of sealless pumps
_ Turin Design and assembly of pumping systems for fire-fighting plants
The various steps of the industrial process take place in just one Production Unit (Gessate). This helps the company’s various departments work together.

We recently achieved the important objective of fitting every Unit with a modern Testing Room: in our plants in Gessate and S. Mauro Torinese we can test pumps with powers up to 650 kW, capacities up to 8000 m3/h and pressure values up to 120 bar. Our plant in Taglio di Po has been designed for sealless pumps intended for applications in the chemical sector. Along with periodic tests on the performance of standard products, the Testing Room also conducts tests in front of customers or certifying bodies.

To adequately meet requests from its Customers, Gruppo Aturia invests considerable financial resources in the management of its components warehouse:
thanks to a fast assembly and a vast availability of components we ensure prompt delivery of standard products.
Painting and packing is accurately carried out in accordance with specifications and transport conditions.